A freshman moved in

2013年3月31日 日曜日  カテゴリー: 英文エッセイ

Hi everyone


In our house, we rent a room to others. Today a new tenant moved in. She is a freshman of a nearby college from coming April. She is going to live by herself but today she carried a large amount of goods with her family. That seemed hectic. They moved back and forth carrying heavy boxes between their car and the room. The room she rents is in the second floor, so they have to go upstairs with heavy boxes filled with her daily commodities. They arrived this morning and started their duties.


We started to rent the room a long time ago. I don’t remember exactly when we started. AS far as I remember, she may be the fourth tenant and the second college student who has rented our room. I hope she will enjoy staying there. We set stepping stones in the yard for her. We bought them at a nearby DIY store.


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